Friday, September 2, 2011

Over a week in!

Hey everyone!

So I haven't written anything for a while but that's a good thing right? So much to tell so here I go.

So Monday I start school. Istart at 10:15 that day but the other days I can be starting as early as 8 to as late as 9. I can also be going from anywhere to 6 o'clock in the afternoon though. At least I don't have to go on Saturdays and there is no school in the afternoons on Wednesdays (unless they put me down for music). Not just that, but lunch is like an hour to two hours, plus I get it for free at school. See, nobody makes lunches here, they get lunch at school or they go home if their home is really close to the school. Since I'm on exchange though, my meal is provided every day for the entire year. Also, I found out if it snows, I don't go to school. They don't have no blowers here so they can't clear the paths for the buses. I also have so many holidays! Like I get Oct. 22 to Nov. 3 off, Dec. 17 to Jan. 3 off, Feb. 25 to Mar. 12 off and Apr. 21 to May 7 off!! The only thing is, school officially ends the 5th of July but since I don't have to do exams I'm good.I looked through some of my books, I have one for English, Science, History, Geography and Spanish. English I just flipped through to see how they do the books, Spanish I didn't bother, Science looks like the stuff I learned in Grade 9 (eaaaaassssyyyy), Geography looks like I will be learning only about France pretty much, not really other countries which is good cause France is small.And History I haven't looked through yet.
I've done many things so far, including back to school shopping, getting clothes (it's a lot cooler here because there summer came earlier this year so it's already fall), going to see a cathedral and museum and Bayeaux, eating real Italien pizza in Caen (funny story, I ordered my pizza and the man knew I was a foreigner because of my accent, so when he came back to serve our plates, he gave me a really tiny pizza. I was so worried because it didn't cost cheap plus I had over eight hours until I would eat supper. Then after my host family got a good laugh, he came and gave my actual pizza), going biking, to the market, visiting people the family knows, going to my first Rotary meeting (lots of appetizers, wine and seafood! And champagne though I didn't drink any) and funny moments with the family in between.
This Sunday I will be going to a ... guess you can say orientation for all the new inbounds in our district. A lot of the inbounds I heard are going to be going, including my host brother. I'm excited because this will be my first chance at meeting some friends here.
That's it for now,

A bientôt!