Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Post For A While

Hey everyone!

So I leave for the States tonight to stay there, relax, have a meal with the family, and then tomorrow I leave. Eleven months in France, who could ask for more?
Last Saturday, I spent the entire day with my boyfriend at Canada's Wonderland. That was one of the best days in my life. I had so much fun, so many laughs, smiles, and memories to keep as I go away.
Now I've been finishing packing, making sure my check-in isn't overweight, and getting emotionally and mentally ready for the flight.
I want to thank everyone again who helped me with this. Especially the people at CYL, you helped me get to where I am today. If it wasn't for that camp, I would be waiting to go back to school here in Canada, bored out of my mind, and waiting for something exciting to happen.
I will post again as soon as I can, but I warn you, it might be in French haha! Probably not!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One week!

With work, I didn't realize how quickly the days were passing. Next thing I know, I have only one... measly... week left. One week to make final goodbyes, one week to pack, one week to spend the most time I can looking at my farm so I can imprint it in my mind. I always loved nature and even though I kinda hate the isolation of my farm, I have the best view in the world.
So, tonight I will TRY to start packing (yeah I've said this how many times but I am actually going to try).

A Bientot!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Countdown Is On!

Hello Everyone!

So holy! Only nine days until I head on out into the unknown. What will happen is up to me and my choices. But I know one thing. Canada will always be my home country.
So I'm trying to start packing... it's starting out pretty hopeless. I'm trying though....
Yesterday my family made THE BEST surprise party ever. It was suppost to be a family reunion but then the next thing I know, friends start showing up and then the biggest surprise, my boyfriend. Oh and that wasn't the end. Later that night we had a dance. Out of all the dances I have been to, that was the best one I have been to.
I arrive in France I guess around seven in the morning. Which is around one o'clock in the morning here. My parents are going to love the phone call haha!
With the crazy week ahead, I think my last days here are going to be muchly worth while!