Sunday, September 4, 2011

Getting busy!

Hey everyone!

So yesterday I went with my host parents and host brother to my host dad's brother's farm (yeah sounds complicated I know keep up though!) to pick potatoes! Yes they hand. pick. they're potatoes. It was extremely hot which has been not normal for this summer for them and I was wearing jeans. Meeting the family on my host dad's side was cool plus one of his brother's daughter is named Elise! (My host dad has six brothers and no sisters). After we we're done we had a picnic, had a tour of all their land and the animals (pigs and chickens... funny cause we have chickens both meat and for eggs like them and our neighbors have pigs) BUT what was awesome was I was taught how to drive a four wheeler on my own! Second time on it and it was so awesome!!
After that evening, my oldest host sister's friend was having her 20th birthday party so I was invited to it. There was lots of socializing, I met another girl named Elise and she was really nice and awesome.
For once my name is common, and said right every single time!
Today I went to my Rotary orientation in my district and got to meet all the Inbounds (all that are on their exchange now), Rebounds (all that have completed there exchanges the past year) and one Outbound who is going to my school in my grade and education path (I'm in Premier which is grade 11 for us and I'm doing Literaire which is like us doing classes in the Language field).
I had a really awesome time with them. Some sad news is that the EUROTOUR they promised before of going to several countries in Europe for a couple of weeks has been cancelled. I was really sad when I heard about it.
However they're are about 10 weekend trips I will be doing this year, including amusement park, going to a famous castle, making Canadian food for 250 people as a fundraiser toward Rotary, going to Paris for an assembly (at the end of the year so I will have to see Paris BEFORE then), and one really awesome one is that all the exchange students in France will be meeting up in the ALPS sometime in April.
After getting back from the orientation I slept because I only got three hours of sleep from getting home late with my host family from the birthday party and getting up early for the orientation.

A bientôt!