Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh how the days fly by..

Salut tout le monde!

So wow, already a week has gone by like that since I've got back from my Bus Trip.
This pass week I mostly spent it on my final presentation to my Rotary club for well, it was tonight. I didn't think it would take so long but when you have to look at.. oh I believe I have close to 2000 photos, figure out which ones to pick, fit it onto a page and make sure it's not too long so that they don't get bored during my presentation.. well it takes a while. I also had a Rotary weekend this pass week; we had a conference the Saturday at a sweet little town called Pont-Audemer because they were changing district gouvernors, then we slept over at another town called Vernon because the Sunday we were treated to a day trip to Paris! We left quite early in the morning, we took the metro to another train station to drop off our luggage, then we went to this famous cemetary, (it has like Chopin's grave in it for example.. I don't like cemetaries so I went in for about 10 minutes and then sat outside with some other people who felt the same as I did until the rest were done looking), toured around Paris by foot, then we went to Montemarte to have lunch at a cool restaurant called the Indiana and then we had some free time to tour around Montemarte.
For everyone who doesn't know Montemarte, it is a sector in Paris of beauty. First off there is also the Sacre-Coeur; a giant cathedral that I have seen before at night (when it was all light up) and during the day is is just as breathtaking. Then when you walk up farther (oh yeah, Montemarte is way on top of a hill, so you have to walk hundreds of steps to get up there) there is a square of painters who display there work (and will do portraits) and lots of little boutiques and restaurants. I have already been there twice so with some friends we went to the Moulin-Rouge area and looked around there.
After, we returned to the train station and said our final goodbyes; it was the last time we would see each other because everyone will be slowly leaving after that weekend, but I ended up staying another four hours with one of my best friends in my district. We had free metro passes for the day so we just went all over Paris and looked around. Then we went back to the train station so I could head back to my town.
Tonight I had my Rotary presentation; Geez I was so nervous! Everyone said I did alright though. I got a Normandy card and a cookbook full of Normandy recipes as a gift, it was very sweet. On the 1st of July there will be another meeting (it'll be the day my club changes presidents) and they said they'd do a lil' something for me which is nice.

Well, I'm off to bed.